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Packaging Design

Java Lush

Java Lush needed a natural but modern label on an all purpose bag for its new line of artisan coffees. The font was chosen for its natural, plant-like features in celebration of the coffee plant. To captivate the artisan spirit of each coffee the main focus zeros in on its production in small cooperatives, the country of origin and the distinct flavors of each coffee, e.g. “with notes of orange walnut and lemon”.

Label design

Vinaigrette And More

“Vinaigrette and more” is a range of hand-crafted, organic dressing sauces targeting hip, health conscious city dwellers.The product benefits are conveyed in a unconventional, wordy and catchy way. One aspect of the packaging concept is the trial-use of the product.  It’s not just a dressing, or a sauce, or a marinade—it is ALL of the above. The expiration cap seal stresses the freshness of the product. The design uses only 2 colors, budgeting production costs.


Heliotrope specializes in high-quality, all-natural products with a focus on simple, organic ingredients. The briefing asked for a design that “sits between chic and clinical”. To reflect this objective the re-design of the product range focuses on a clean look with an frosted glass imitation PET bottle and sliver caps, a slim font for the product names and a stand-out natural toned color coding for each group of care products: Body Care, Hair Care and Face Care.


Evolux takes a dual approach to anti-aging by simultaneously reviving skin’s youthful appearance and protecting against environmental damage. Target group are women 35 and older. The product benefits of rejuvenating the skin and the “youthful & vibrating look” is visualized through a rejuvenating circle of light (lux) from which the product name radiates throughout the packaging. A cool turquoise metallic accent adds a luxurious feel, and the clean cooling color of the background feels hydrating and soothing.

Kaufmann & Co.

The task of this packaging design project was to create a mix of apothecary and retro style looking lotion bottle.


Label design for an all natural deo stick.

Carambole Natural Deo Stick

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